Our Team

House of Rumi Board members/Trustees the guardians are leading personalities from the realms of philanthropy, politics, business, scholarship, and the arts. Our Board members and all friends have passion to make our world a better place. All members and friends are bringing their talents, influence, and resources to making the House of Rumi a success and an enduring legacy.

 These are the first Board Members “The Guardians” and friends and dear colleagues, who are actively supporting the House of Rumi as follow:

Guardians (Board Directors/ Trustees):
Lord Andrew Stone
Muftah Benomran

Champions (supporters and companions):
Roger Tempest
Lydia Nibley


(Management team):
Muftah Benomran – Overall management
Dr Mina Monier – School of Wisdom
Carole Cosgrove – Admin assistance
Qays Zeiani – Management
Morel Fourman- Management
David Gordon
Serge Karayan IT department

New members
Are invited from the world of government, academia, global finance, spiritual fields, religious, Rumi lovers and from all aspects of life to become ”Friends” of the House of Rumi.

There is a growing list of key organizations we invite to join us and engage in this effort.

  • Who can add strategic advice and support to financing the guiding the House of Rumi project?
  • Who are world-class advisors and supporters with knowledge of global philanthropy?
  • Who is skilled in international relations?
  • We practice cultural sensitivity and are aware of how to help the message succeed around the world, who wants to / can help?
  • Who are the spiritual leaders who are synonymous with the concept of Oneness, love, respect and compassion for all?
  • Who are the scholars who can help anchor the educational aspects of the House of Rumi?

Anyone can join us who lives and acts in the spirit of Rumi and will represent the project well in specific areas of the world as ambassadors to the House of Rumi with deep connections and experience in specific regions