Our Purpose

In Rumi poetry & philosophy Love is the Soul of the Universe, and this Soul knows no bounds – it embraces all people, all countries, all religions and all Creation. Our purpose is to know love in all of its glorious forms and attributes.

We are a community of friends and colleagues who provide key support and momentum to the House of Rumi (HR) the “Inspire, Think & Do tank”.

Our purpose is simply to provide a contribution to the Oneness of Humanity by making the poetry, wisdom, philosophy and ideas of Rumi more widely available.

The House of Rumi is made up of leaders, world-changers, counselors, and ambassadors of the project who apply their individual talents, experience and relationships around the world to help the purpose succeed.

House of Rumi is an Independent established as a nonprofit, nonpolitical nonreligious organization in UK.

The House of Rumi functions as a master-mind group of people, a body that finds creative ways to leverage powerful action through a global network of friends and colleagues to promote Love and Peace to the world.